The Ocean Material Recycling Workshop


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin



Ocean plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental problems of today. It is projected to triple by 2040, with dire consequences for human health, the global economy, biodiversity, and the climate. Repurposing waste as a valued material resource can create meaningful environmental and social benefits. A recycling workshop raises awareness to combat plastic pollution by curating an exhibition and showcasing stories and content about plastic impacts on the environment to educate audiences about this global issue.

Ocean Material empowers consumers to learn the importance of recycling

The Ocean Material Recycling Workshop is an interactive learning experience about the problem of Ocean Plastic Pollution and how to turn waste into value. In 2022, we organized over 500 ‘free’ workshops, where participants learned how to use small-scale recycling machines to turn collected ocean plastic waste into beautiful new products.

NEW: We can even demonstrate the recycling and melting process of Ghost-Nets and other Fishing Gear.

The activity is exciting, fun and educational, providing knowledge about the importance of recycling and how to become a mindful consumer.

Simple and safe learning with the best equipment on the market

We partnered with the leading manufacturer of small-scale recycling machines to guarantee fun and excitement.


Where is the plastic from? 

Plastics used in the workshop are collected from around Hong Kong from HSBC Clean Waterways Programme’s four zero-emission, solar-powered boats capable of collecting and sorting more than 2,500 litres of floating plastic per load from Victoria and Aberdeen Harbour. We believe Hong Kong can be an inspiration to Asia in recycling that transforms the problem of ocean pollution.

Enhance your brand value & do good for the planet

Please get in touch with us if you would like to run a similar workshop for your organization. A full presentation is available on request.

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NEW: With every 40ft container ‘Ocean Material’, shipped from one of our certified processor locations, you can fund one full workshop day for a local school in Hong Kong.

This would not be possible without the support of some outstanding companies and individuals.
HSBC Clean Waterways Initiative
New Life Plastics Ltd
The Mills Fabrica


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