Preserve the planet's precious resources

The Ocean Material Group developed a recycling model for collecting, recycling, and repurposing marine plastic waste into valuable products.


Together with our partners, we create recycling infrastructure that addresses the problem of mismanaged waste on a large scale. By doing so, we help improve the environment and create new economic and social opportunities for local people in ocean-adjacent communities. This includes jobs in waste management and recycling, as well as reducing the negative impacts of waste on the ocean and the livelihoods of those who depend on it.


By using Ocean Material® in your products, you can create inspiring products, increase the value of your brand and achieve your sustainability goals.


Why join our network?

As a Brand/ Manufacturer
  • Mitigate climate change and achieve sustainability goals
  • Drive eco-innovation and create inspiring products
  • Boost your brand value through sustainable practices
  • Partner with collector communities and top marine plastic waste recyclers
  • Join initiatives and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability
  • Receive expert knowledge, marketing support, and valuable services
As a Collector/ Recycler
  • Connect with buyers and showcase your products on our marketplace
  • Build strong partnerships with clients for long-term business success
  • Access global markets for certified marine plastic feedstocks
  • Work with the leading marine plastic waste certification standard
  • Increase your visibility and credibility by joining our initiatives
  • Receive expert knowledge, marketing support, and valuable services
As a Consumer
  • Participate in our impactful initiatives and meet like-minded individuals and organizations
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainability issues and solutions
  • Share ideas and collaborate with companies, organizations, and individuals to drive positive change
  • Adopt sustainable practices in your personal and professional life


The Ocean Material Team is passionate about ocean-focused recycling and wants to create material programs that positively impact the future. We are eager to create eco-effective products that help tell the story behind each initiative.


I’m an innovator with background in economics and supply chain management. Working in fashion and recycling for many years led me to finding exciting materials that can also help our planet. “I live in Hong Kong and love early morning surf sessions.”


My experience in the finance industry helps me to demonstrate how sustainable products can be a profitable addition to the manufacturing process. “I also live in Hong Kong and love to Dim Sum.”


Equally at home in the world of creativity and sustainability, my experience in commercial design crosses architecture, fashion, branding, environmental certification and material technology. Most weekend’s you can find me running across London.


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