Your supply chain expert for marine plastic waste

At our core, we believe that a clear and inspiring mission, coupled with the provision of unparalleled expert services, is crucial in maintaining a sustainable and beneficial impact on our business, industry, and all stakeholders involved.

Marketing & Initiatives

Ocean awareness has a powerful narrative that helps you connect with your customer.

Get involved in our collaborative initiatives like the Ocean Material Recycling Workshops to enhance brand awareness, customer loyalty, and trust.

Digital Product Passport

Promote circularity and transparency throughout the entire value chain of your product.

Highlight its positive journey and empower consumers to make informed decisions.

Broker & Finished Goods Service

Use our premium brokerage service, offering logistics, customs clearance, quality guarantees and flexible payment terms.

Receive comprehensive product development and manufacturing services, including R&D, design, prototyping, testing, production, logistics, packaging, and QC.

Demonstrate a Commitment to Sustainability

By working together globally, we’re expanding the reach of the Ocean Material Group. Join forces with other environmentally conscious brands and organizations that are already making a difference in the fight against marine plastic.


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