Our strategy

Our team at the Ocean Material® Group has made cleaner oceans its business. A group of business professionals from very different walks of life found their common ground in doing business for the greater good.

Our strategy is to connect and work with like-minded organizations, businesses, and consumer goods brands to give leverage to our vision that ocean plastic pollution is not inevitable. We have taken it to heart that where there is a crisis there is an opportunity and we are working to help to create a circular economy for plastic waste and the replacement of plastic in future by sustainable alternatives.

Our minds and those of our partners, suppliers, and customers are brimming with inspiration ideas small and big on how to prevent plastic from ending up in our environment and oceans as the world’s biggest ecosystems, as well as how to develop an economic system to recycle plastic waste for a profit to pay for itself.

We see ourselves as facilitators to generate, connect and mobilize ideas, initiatives, people, and businesses to pull along for the aim of passing on cleaner and healthier oceans for generations to come. Our partners and our teams have a clear vision. PLASTIC-FREE OCEANS!

We will share our business initiatives and ideas here on this platform for you to join or to adapt by yourself. In the meantime, please follow us on Social Media https://www.instagram.com/oceanmaterial/


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