Marine Debris Program – Indonesia

The Marine Debris Program is a chance for any business, regardless of size and industry to play a vital role in the fight against marine plastic pollution by supporting coastal communities in the most problematic areas of our world.



With your help, we plan to expand the program across Indonesia, with a focus on efficient collections and processing of low-value plastics into new products. This helps the ecosystem recover and creates jobs and infrastructure that emerge through better waste management practices.

We decided to include Plastic Credits as an additional impact and purpose to your company’s CSR strategy. This helps you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and achieve Net Zero by offsetting your plastic footprint through the Ocean Material Plastic Credit (OMPC) mechanism.


Here is how it works:

– The Marine Debris Program puts it’s focus on the efficient collections and processing of low value marine plastics obtained from difficult to reach waterways and oceans and turn them into new products.

– Our system creates jobs and infrastructure in communities impacted by plastic pollution thereby creating better waste management practices and ecosystem recovery.

– The Marine Debris Program is offering plastic credits for purchase. Each Plastic Credit represents one metric ton of plastic.

– Certificates are issued by the OM Group, which confirms the amount of marine plastic material collected by OceanKita.

– The program follows the strict OMPC Standards created by OM Group and validated by the Empower traceability APP and a 3rd party auditor.


Work with our team to calculate your plastic footprint and help us to remove the equivalent amount of plastic directly from the ocean.

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